In 2014
In 2014
Voice search traffic was negligible. Today it exceeds 10% of all search traffic.
Source: MindMeld
Over 33%
Over 33%
of all Millennials will use a virtual assistant this year.
Source: eMarketer
Over 45MM
Over 45MM
homes are projected to have standalone Voice assistants in 2017.
Source: Berg Insight

From concept to roadmaps, to user stories and experience flows, to backend development, analytics and maintenance TVGla is bringing a full service model to VOICE for our clients. With a focus on AI, VOICE ASSISTANTS and CHAT BOT interactions across all standalone and integrated devices.

Discover & Strategy
Define its purpose, what users can do, why they will return
Design & Deploy
Design and build the experience, create a go-to-market plan to promote
Listen & Evolve
Listen to your users and optimize the experience
TVGla is proud to announce our recognition as an Amazon Alexa preferred developer agency.

The time to think about your Voice strategy is now.  Let’s start creating the future of Voice marketing. It’s time to innovate.