The True Value of Producers

In a world full of experts, look to the enthusiasts. 

The notion of process may conjure images of assembly lines and dense documentation. Not an exciting picture. But in reality (and certainly in marketing), process is what harnesses creativity and breathes life into ideas.

A smooth process allows creatives to be creative, putting their energy into what they do best.

That’s why, at TVGla, we continuously finesse and refine our production process. We also understand that our team of producers is the connective tissue behind every TVGla project. Our producers must lead multi-disciplinary teams to create high-quality content that’s on brand, on time, and on budget. That’s an important job. So we hire talented individuals who love giving wings to creative ideas — and we value their contributions. With TVGla, you get a frustration-free creative production process with unmatched expertise.

Going Beyond Project Management

There’s no direct path to becoming a producer. Ours are a varied mix of farmers, DJs, veterans, parents and pet owners. What unites them is their organizational and management skills, and equally as important, their enthusiasm and satisfaction at being the hub that connects all other components. They relish new challenges and are always growing and advancing with every new experience. 

Like project managers, our producers plan the resourcing, budgets, timelines, and scope of their projects. Additionally, they function as an extension of the creative, data and strategy teams. They imbue their knowledge from past projects to remove future roadblocks and, most importantly, operate as an extension of the brands we work with. Our production team feels like a trusted colleague managing your projects. 

The Data Behind the Decisions

The traditional three-phased production process — pre-production, production, and post-production — is a tried-and-true way to segment the execution of a project. However, we’ve found that it lacks the dynamic strategy that’s often necessary to keep up with an ever-shifting digital landscape. So we’ve reshaped the process into a data-driven creative loop. It makes it more intuitive to tackle projects of all sizes, and it also means our job doesn’t end at delivery. When a campaign is complete, rather than dust off our hands and move on to the next one, we continue to analyze the results in order to optimize our strategy for future endeavors.

Data-Driven Loop Graphic
  • Strategize / Optimize – Leverage campaign results to continually assess and define platforms, audiences, content types, and desired outcomes. 
  • Creative – Utilize strategy and analytics to deliver creative that fits the platform and the audience.
  • Delivery – A best-in-class process built to scale that ensures deliverables reach their destination on time and on spec. 
  • Analyze – Review campaign results. Develop insights that inform continued optimization and improvement of future campaigns. 

People First 

At TVGla, we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe in customizing creative to fit each platform and target your ideal audience. While many agencies brag about all-nighters and working every weekend, we believe chronic rushing is a symptom of undefined objectives or misaligned staffing. Ensuring that we have a well-designed team structure and proactive workflow reduces employee turnover and increases productivity. We focus on creating the right team so we can provide the right service. A big part of that is valuing our producers. We hire the best in the business, and we strive to respect their time and efforts. As a result, our employee turnover is strikingly low, and morale is high among all teams, including the production team. We’ve found again and again that when you support your team, you empower them to do their best work.

Focus on the Cause

It’s invaluable to have producers who can enthusiastically lead creative experts to a successful end result. Like skilled conductors, our producers orchestrate data and art in ways that render real results. Not every plan, once put into motion, turns out as expected. That’s why it helps to have a partner working alongside you who is passionate about not just job completion, but  project efficacy as well. At the end of the day, having a production team that is committed to outcomes rather than deliverables can be the tipping point between a so-so experience and an exceptional one.